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My Insurance Company said I have to use their approved repairer but I would like to use The Bodycentre

No you can nominate your own repairer and you are totally within your rights

But if I do, they said that I would not receive a courtesy vehicle?

Yes you will!. We provide courtesy cars even if your policy does not entitle you to one!

But they have also said my repairs will not be guaranteed

They will be guaranteed, for 3 years, and in addition to that, any additional paint warranty your vehicle has, will be upheld

Will my Insurance Company give me any problems if I don't use their approved repairer?

Absolutely not!. It is 100% your choice by law where your vehicle is repaired, just call to make your claim and tell them when you are booked in with us, that is all you have to do, we will do the rest!

But would you collect my vehicle?

Yes of course! And deliver your courtesy vehicle. We will arrange a convenient delivery time once repairs are complete.

Why are The Bodycentre not approved by my Insurance Company?

Because we work alongside leading manufacturers, which means our customers are directed here from the local dealerships, so they come to us by choice not because they are told to!. We deal with leading Insurance Companies every day.

What about my excess, when do I have to pay it?

Upon collection, as long as you are happy with everything we have done for you.

Why should I use The Bodycentre and not who my Insurance Company has told me to?

Because our reputation in the area for quality repairs is extremely high, we have fully trained technicians who attend regular coursei provided by your m-anufacturer so that we are fully up to date with today's vehicle technology, which is crucial. People want to protect their investment!. Our customer services and insurance advisory team are un-disputedly, the best, and our freshly brewed coffee is always on!, Come and see us!.




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