Audi R8 Full Wrap in Matte Metallic Grey with the LSD Door Conversion

This Audi R8 is another example of the amazing work we do here at the Bodycentre ltd. Before we explain what was entailed in completing a job like this I would like to say our customer travelled all the way from Oxfordshire just for Team Bodycentre to create this amazing custom R8. This shows the high quality work we complete here is being recognized all over the country. The reason this custom project came about was a result of the customer viewing one of our previous video of the Lamborghini Gallardo which we also has an LSD Door Conversion fitted. Before contacting us the customer had done some serious research into us as company as well our friends at KW Automotive, who supply the hinges. KW Automotive UK have nominated us as the “perfect company” in the UK for this job like this, which as you can imagine we are extremely proud of. 


Our head technician Neil Jenkins has once again shown his amazing skills in fitting these LSD Hinges onto this R8. When fitting these LSD door hinges there are many factors we need to take into consideration and tasks we need to complete; the alignment of the doors, cutting the panels correctly to ensure the hinges fit, as well as extending wiring looms. After this was completed it was time to move on to the full car wrap. Before the full Matte Metallic Grey 3M wrap could be fitted, the car had to be completely stripped down. Once we had finished this we then got our friends from Totally Dynamic Norwich in, who have been working with us for many years now, to fully wrap the car. 




As you will see in the following video not only have we completed the work for the above but we also painted all four wheels a gloss black together with panting the calipers red, which has given the car subtle but effective contrast, making the final product absolutely stunning.