Nathan Redmond’s Range Rover Sport

We were grateful to be visited by Southampton Football Star Nathan Redmond who approached us to work on his Range Rover Sport.

As you will see from the following link  the vehicle arrived at the Body Centre with a matte metallic grey wrap. 


This meant the first task we had was to de-wrap the whole car. Following this, we then paint and fitted a Project Kahn Body Kit which included a new front & rear bumper, exhaust system and new front grill. Once we had finished the painting and fitting, the car was then given back to Nathan to allow the fresh paintwork to cure so it could be wrapped without causing any damage to the paint.



Once the vehicle returned we then stripped it down again and applied the matte military green wrap to all the required areas, including the door shuts. To break it up a little bit we added a few finishing touches which included adding some green wrap around the front fog light surrounds as well as the main front grill. In the video you will see that we managed to catch Nathan's reaction once his first saw the car, so please check out and enjoy.