Porsche GT4 Custom Project

This Porsche GT4 was a very unique project for us and was certainly one of our favorites. As you can see from the (Photos/Video) our highly trained technicians completely stripped down the vehicle so that all the necessary parts could receive the required colour change. 

As you will also notice we added a unique touch by paint the (guards) red using the best product available, Spies Hecker Hi-Tec 480. This gave the car a great colour contrast making it truly stunning. 

If you go to our YouTube page https://www.youtube.com/ channel/UCL5mwvkowNK7_JVzYo7MVIA you can follow the stages the Porsche went through to end up looking as amazing as it does. Make sure you check out the video as we have included as much of behind the scenes footage as possible to show you how much work is really is involved with a job like this.