Brake Calipers Process

Brake Calipers - The Bodycentre Ltd 

The above images clearly demonstrate how changing the colour of the Brake Calipers can have a dramatic effect on the look of the wheel, even the whole car. In order for us the carry out a process like this we have to go through the following stages; After removing the wheel we then remove and dismantle the caliper before giving the stripped unit a full acid wash to make sure all oil and fluids removed. This is done to guarantee that the heat proof paint applied can sustain the very high temperatures that are reached in this area of the vehicle which in turn ensures a durable finished product.


We can paint your calipers any colour of your choice, whether it be to match the body colour or to make a statement with a complete contrast. It is worth noting, as mentioned below, that we are able to customise your calipers with some of the finest airbrush work, really allowing you to make your car one of a kind. If you are unsure as to what colour would suit you calipers best then please let us know and can advise.