The New Volvo XC90 SPA Repair

It only feels right to show this beast off to you guys! The NEW Volvo XC90 starting from £57k, causing a major buzz! One of the best build vehicle on the planet with outstanding Impact Technology this machine deserves some credit. 

Just let this one sink…. There has NEVER been a fatality in a Volvo XC90 either as a passenger or a driver according to the government accident statistics. WOW!

Across the Volvo brand by 2020 Volvo pledge that there will be nobody killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo Car. 


The younger generation may see Volvo as an old man cars but another one of Volvo’s missions is to re brand and target the youth. I’m 26 and I love the look of this. 

The new XC90 has the IntelliSafe System as standard with a list over 30 safety features, some include Distance Alert, Oncoming Lane Mitigation, Lane Keeping Aid, Run Off Road Mitigation, Brake Pedal Release and the list goes on. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this video and had more of an understanding of how the Volvo Approved Bodyshop repairs Volvo’s. 

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